Four Seasons Firenze

Four Seasons Firenze

Hi! My name is Mon Rovi, I am from Barcelona and ever since I was a child I knew my heart was meant to travel. I am always on the move and have a million stories and tips to share, plus there is always another travel adventure just around the corner!

This year I’m also working hard to put together some fabulous tailor made itineraries that will incorporate all the things I love to do. From Yoga retreats and holidays in my favourite Mauritius to dream Ski vacations in Europe.

I will be teaming up with some wonderful professionals in each field and planning the itineraries with trusted travel partners, in the hope to introduce you to some of the best locations around the world.

Follow my journey as I explore the life affirming benefits of discovering something new, and be inspired to get out there and nourish the ‘Travelust’ within you.

I promise it won’t be boring!

For non-stop inspiration, follow my travels on instagram !

Thank you!

Mon Rovi